Milostone: 9 months

Yes, I realize the little animal is now 9.5 months. What can I say about him, when I've already told you he's the best, sweetest, most charming baby ever? To help you get to know him better, here's a little questionnaire I filled out on his behalf: Vitals: 17 pounds (sadly, only 8th percentile, because apparently Mom has been giving my milk away. We're working on this), 26 inches, blonde hair (lots), 5 teeth. Hobbies: Eating mail. Banging blocks together. Finding electrical outlets and expensive technology. Shutting doors. Likes: Bananas, egg yolks, my older sister, Frog, anyone who smiles at me. Dislikes: The phrase "not for Milo." The carseat. Being ignored. Future plans: Translating my love of opening and closing doors into a career in architecture. Learning to scoot around the house while holding onto furniture. Oh, and I have another tooth coming in.