Lucy's summer schedule is a patchwork of different camps and trips. Right now she's at a nearby day camp, which she seems to be enjoying. I hesitated slightly before putting her into it, because Emily reminded me that in college and she our friend Tiffany were counselors there and they spent a lot of time "hungover and wishing for a cigarette." I have not inspected Lu's counselors terribly closely, but I do know a couple of things about them... 1) They are charming. Lu has  a crush on a counselor named Matthew. For the third day in a row, she has written him a message on her lunchbag: "Mr. Matthew cannot touch because he's silly. P.S. I'm serees." See photo below.

2) They are enterprising. Last Thursday, one of the counselors had the bright idea that instead of water playtime, they should just have the campers wash her car. Which they did, and loved.

Hilarious? Alarming?