Kindergarten: Done.

Her first year of school slipped away from me. I wish I could gather it back up to remember better. She had a great year, got everything she needed out of school, namely a love of learning and an enthusiasm for school.

She was lucky to have Ms. P this year, a teacher who really seemed to understand and appreciate Lu, despite the challenges she presented in the classroom (constant talking and singing, persistent pushing of her own agenda, disruption of others). We got her final report card, which said (brag warning): "The breadth and depth of Lucy's knowledge are remarkable. Couple that with her curiosity — great things lie ahead. Because she is a great reader and she picks up math concepts easily, I would focus on helping her develop her writing skills. I can see her writing plays and using her creativity to bring those plays into production with music, costumes, scenery...She will be a strong student in the first grade."

We can't make our children anyone other than who they are. Lu proves this to me every day. But "curious" and "creative" are the two qualities I would hand pick for any child of mine to have. Lucky us.