"Wild Animal"

This morning at the doctor's office, Jason said, "You're like a wild animal. And I'm scared of you." We're not even talking about labor here — this is just a routine 40 WEEK AND 4 DAY doctor visit.

So, here's what we're up to here on Animal Planet:

I am 3 centimeters. This may or may not be true since I threatened to punch Dr. P. in the face if I was still 2.5. Either way, I'm officially 3 (and 80% effaced).

Dr. P. stripped my membranes. That is way too much information, but it's just Animal Planet, right? If you're curious what this unpleasantness is all about, Wiki it (no, I won't even link to it).

Lemon's cool. Dr. P. did some checking of vitals, amniotic fluid, etc. and there's no medical reason to make Lemon come out yet. Which is good. During the sonogram, I asked if he could see a sound system or a ping pong table in there and he said, "No. Just an iMac."

We have an induction scheduled for next Wednesday. While Lemon is cool now, babies aren't really meant to stay in there past 41 weeks or so. Basically Lemon has one week before being forcibly evicted. Upside of this is a pretty cool birthday (9/9/9). However, Lemon: any day between now and then would be a better birthday, I think. Otherwise I might have to eat your father.