The Kindergartner

On a walk this morning, I passed Lu's school just in time to see her returning from Spanish class. She just waved and yelled "Hi, Mom. Hi, Clifford" then went into her portable with little fanfare. The fact that she's more interested in returning to class than the thrilling disruption of her mother must be a good sign.

Her favorite part of kindergarten so far is eating in the cafeteria. She reports with delight all the brown foods she chooses. The schoolwork has left her nonplussed (cutting? the letter "m"?), but we are hoping that once Ms. P., her teacher, gets to know them all better, they will be grouped and challenged according to ability level.

We love Ms. P., who is experienced and very cool — she seems like the kind of person who will appreciate Lu. At back-to-school night, we explained that Lu likes to know where the line is and have her toes firmly on it. Ms. P. said, "Yes, I have noticed that, but she's a lot of fun." The first rule of Ms. P's class is "Don't do anything that's going to cause a problem for you or anybody else." Lucy made it seven whole days without breaking this rule. She came home yesterday with her behavior rated yellow, as opposed to green, which is good, or dreaded red, which goes on your permanent record or something.

She comes home pretty grouchy, tired and hungry every day. I think we underestimated what a big change this would be for her. It's probably good that Lemon has waited to give her this small window to adjust. Incidentally, Lucy has completely given up asking when Lemon is coming.