Meditations with Milo

Like most women, I am a champion multitasker. I am almost NEVER do just one thing at a time (with the exception of a handful of really enjoyable activities like reading, writing and sleeping). Once while buying makeup, I asked if the saleslady thought I could effectively apply it while driving, because otherwise, I really shouldn't buy it.

A Buddhist monk explained to me at a meditation workshop that the key to peace is to do what you are doing. Do not walk and eat: you either walk, or you eat. Be present by concentrating fully on one task at a time. Despite all my Zen aspirations, this struck me as a huge waste of time (unsurprisingly, I suck at meditation).

Milo has interrupted my multitasking in the sweetest way. He is a task that demands focus. When it's time to feed him or hold him or walk him to sleep, I find myself doing what I am doing and nothing else. And it doesn't seem like a waste of time at all.