When Lucy was born, she weighed 6 lbs. 13 oz., was jaundiced, uncoordinated and dependent on a pathetic noob (me) for nourishment. She suffered what I call the Mandatory Starvation Period — the desperate weight loss between birth and two weeks, where you're both figuring out breastfeeding. You know, the most natural thing in the world (once described by Pie as trying to drive a standard with one person operating the clutch and another person operating the gas). The goal: get baby back to birth weight by the two-week doctor visit. Make your weight, kid!

Um, Milo made his weight on his two-day doctor visit. Today, at his two-week, he had gained 1.5 lbs!! The kid weighs 9 lbs., 14 oz. (and he was HUNGRY when they weighed him, so I bet after I fed him he'd have weighed a solid 10). DUDE. For all my bitching about being pregnant so long, his championship eating is one great benefit of his being more developed when he was born.

Oh, and the poor kid's head was 20th percentile at his two-day and 80th percentile at his two-week, which should give you an idea of how nicely his cone-shaped noggin has expanded. I knew that was no 20th percentile head...