I Dream of Lucy

A while ago, Pie gave Lu this present, the most fitting present ever given to anyone, from anyone. Pie was so excited about giving Lu this present, you'd think it was a continent, a diamond mine, a perpetual trust! And Lu, for her part, was just as happy to receive it.

The present: a pink hat box filled with various dress-up items. Lu calls it her "Princess Box." Sequined, non-specific clothing items that can be worn as skirts or tops or cuffs or headdresses — harem attire. Plus a pair of sparkly plastic mules that, when worn on the wrong feet by a 2-year-old, click-clack on the floor like drunk woman leaving after last call. And a hat. And a pair of sunglasses. All in pink and purple and white. She's obsessed with it.

We attempt to drive home the difference between at-home attire (gypsy/hooker clothes) and go-out attire (t-shirts and jeans), but maybe this effort is wasted since the distinction will entirely reverse itself by the time she is 19. Meanwhile, if you see Lucy dressed like a low-rent Barbara Eden, just know that she won the argument, but I certainly tried.