Party Girl

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book.
--Irish proverb

This weekend, Lu did a lot more laughing than she did sleeping. And also more screaming than she did sleeping. She spent Saturday at the Gaddis ranch: riding a horsedrawn carriage, swimming, drinking Sprite, bossing her two-year-old boyfriend Anthony around, bossing everyone around, really. There was no napping.

There was very little napping Sunday, then a huge fight about what to wear to Peyton Price's birthday party. I lost. She wore the bright orange hoodie dress with light pink socks — pulled all the way up — with gray and hot pink sneakers. Wardrobe aside, she was pretty good at the party. There was queso and cake, plus plenty of tiny, one-year-old toes to run over as she drove Peyton's Winnie the Pooh car.

Then onto Pie's house, where we had spaghetti and a few fits (related to her food being grabbed by one-year-olds who don't have as refined a concept of "mine" as Lucy does). For dessert, we tried on wigs.

We will pay for this weekend's unfortunate laugh/sleep ratio all week. Anyone wanna babysit?

P.S. Doesn't she look like some sort of deranged cherub in this picture? Which makes Matthew a...deranged cherub handler?