Gross Thing #1
I boldly decided to not only take two babies to the grocery store today (Lu and Laney), but to take one of those babies wearing panties. We went into the potty so that I could use it (with the stall open while Laney gaped and Lu pleaded with me not to flush). I did not flush, but did wash my hands extra vigorously as though it would somehow make up for the not flushing. Mere minutes later...well, all I can say is mind the puddle near the natural foods aisle. "Uh oh, I pee-peed," said Lu. "Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh," said Laney. I said some other things.

Gross Thing #2
When I was learning French, I taught Emily to say "Quelle belle vomit!" — a phrase she would use with great enthusiasm and frequency. It's totally nonsensical: it means "What pretty vomit!" Totally nonsensical until today, when Clifford ate most of a dumped-out box of crayons and then yakked on the rug, get the idea.