My Best Thing

I have a lot of good things to report today — small things, little happy tasks done (not the least of which was sending the children off to school and out of this house). It would be hard to pick even two of those for the proverbial Two Best Things. But I can pick ONE BEST THING: my friend Amanda is cancer-free today.

After a pretty grim diagnosis six months ago, she endured chemo and is now recovering from a double mastectomy and reconstruction — trials for the spirit and body I hope never to know. She managed with vulnerability and bravery, humor and aplomb.

And today she got the kind of news that makes you want to kiss a pathologist or get prostrate in thanks: no tumor, nothing in the lymph nodes, nothing for radiation, nothing to see here.

I offer a great yawp of a yay to the universe. Hug your healthy bodies.