Single Parenthood

Let's be clear: Jason will not be free of me until I am dead. That said, let's hear it for occasional single parenting. Logistically, it sucks (may I never know how much). But there are moments when being alone with your kids is so much easy than managing them together.

With Lucy, it's all about shooting the gap. Any difference of opinion or lack of paying attention between me and Jason = advantage Lucy. There's a whole list of classic Lu maneuvers that read like chess moves or football plays (the "Mom Promised!" Opening, the "But I'm Starving" Gambit, the "Dad Said It Was Okay" Defense). The two of us are no match for one of her.

With Milo, it's simpler. He likes Jason better than me and whines and cries for Dada if Dada is anywhere in the house, making it impossible for me to do anything for him. If Dada is not home, Milo might go to the door and ask "Dada?" once in a while, but is largely happy with me. (P.S. Milo, remember how I gave birth to you drug-free, and NOT on the side of Mopac? You're welcome.)

I enjoyed my evening alone with the kids. Here's hoping Jason enjoys the FIVE DAYS I am about to unleash on him next week.