Did You Know...

... that the closest living relative of the manatee is the elephant? ...that "Do" (as in "Doe a Deer") is the note C? And that Lucy can sing each note nearly perfectly before playing it on the piano? (And that maybe I only think she's playing them nearly perfectly because I am a little tone deaf?)

...that the treble clef is a G clef and the bass clef is an F clef? And that there are some others, but we don't need to know them for piano right now? And, look, this line that goes up and down? That's a measure.

...that pinnipeds are wing-footed mammals (seals, walruses, sea lions, you know)?

Confession: all the above was news to me. Mind is reeling from all I learned during piano lesson (Jason normally handles this) and all the discussion leading up to and after today's  Sea World visit.