Write Me a Love Song

Ed. note: Been a long time, people, but it's a sappy alert: apologies in advance. Love. It’s THE stuff of song. Religion (and I’d consider this a sub-category of love) and politics/protest hold second and third place to love. There’s also loss and despair, but again: sub-categories of love. There are train songs and fight songs and death songs. So many stories, so many themes.

But the greatest of these is love. The teenage kind, the unrequited kind, the illicit kind. The filial, the desperate, the forbidden, the broken.

But what about quotidian love? You know, the laundry and dishes and diapers and we’re-doing-okay kind of love? There are songs, I know.  It’s unfair to call this a totally neglected category. I just wish I could write one, or find one readily enough — a song about love's lesser worries.

Were we just mad about the trash?

Would you just hold my hand?

Thank you for folding the laundry.

Have I told you all my stories yet?

Can we be apart enough for me to write some new ones?

Will you be bored if we aren’t?

Did we fight about the fight about piano?

I think you won. Oh well.

Thank you for finding my keys for the 437th time.

Should I know you better?

Will you always hold my hand?

I forgive you 10 times before you know I’m mad. You’re welcome.

I know you forgive me 27. Thank you.

This is a little like war. Only it’s love. With us and little people.

You are the best person I know. And I know more than enough to know.

We deserve a song.