Career Opportunities

Tonight Lucy moved her desk away from the wall so she could sit on one side of it, and Milo could sit opposite her. For a job interview. Apparently Lucy Enterprises is seeking some dynamic small people for exciting opportunities in playing, building and being bossed around. She took notes on her clipboard. Lucy: "Buzzy, do you want to be a big-Lego builder?"

Milo: "Yeah."

Lucy: "Tell me why you think you would be good at it."

Milo: "Zub zib bah bah. Uh oh bye bye, guys guys guys!"

Lucy: "That's interesting."

The interview continued for a few more minutes, and though I moved to the kitchen where I couldn't hear exactly what they were saying, it sounded like a nice conversation — which is what a good job interview should be, right? Even the part where Milo made monkey noises. When I listened back in more closely, the interview was wrapping up.

Lucy: "Will you let us know when you decide?

Milo: "Yeah."