Uh Huh

I'm never sarcastic. Ever. What I have come to realize, hearing sarcasm from the mouth of my almost seven-year-old, is that it's not warm or loving. While sarcasm can be used in a teasing, occasionally sweet way, it's mostly a default for nasty. Which was recently made very clear to me...


Me: Uh huh.

Lu: Mom, I HATE when you say, "Uh huh" like that. It's so MEAN. It's like you don't like me or you're not listening to me.

Me: [BLINK. BLINK. PAUSE.] It doesn't mean I don't like you, it just means I am trying not to react when you're being melodramatic.

Lu: Well, you are, and it's mean.

Sometimes, even when I am trying to respond to her overblown responses with a flat affect, thereby diffusing her intense emotions, I am snide. And it is mean. Despite the points I give myself for saying "Uh huh" instead of "Are you seriously throwing a fit about where a certain shirt was put away when I do all the laundry, and how about you do you own damn laundry while you're at it?"

I am going to be better about being sarcastic/snide with her (and everyone).

Oh, I heard that "Uh huh" you just uttered. Rude.