Milostone: 1.5, No Lie

Setting aside the issue of whether  to lie about one's own age, when is it okay to lie about your son's age? I only ask because I've found myself doing it these past few months. People ask how old he is and, too often, I glibly say, "One." He's small. He can pass. What's the rush?

And yet, there's no slowing down the tiny bullet train named Milo. The kid is crossing the year-and-a-half mark at a full (if slightly wobbly) gallop. He's added a few key words to his vocabulary ("mine," "Elmo" and "TV " — so proud), and he chatters constantly. He even pauses appropriately in his nonsensical conversation with you as though to say, "I know, right?"

He mimics singing and reading. He dances (sort of). He will take your hand and lead you to something he wants to show you. He will throw his arms around you and squeeze when you ask for a hug.

Sigh. He is one and a half. I have about three months to gracefully stop calling him "baby." After which point, we may just have to be weird.