Christmas (nervous) Break (down)?

The first morning of Christmas break did not go well. First Lu shut Milo's tiny fingers in her door. There was some minor blood and squishing, and some major histrionics from both smusher and smushee.

Then, well...we have entered what Pie calls the "Poo Paws" phase of development, where one child uses the potty and doesn't flush, and the other child is fascinated with the contents of the toilet.

So when Milo toddled out of the bathroom, brandishing a Rock Band drumstick with great sop of toilet paper dangling from the end, you can imagine the motherly athleticism that went into stopping him at the door of the bathroom. I wish Bob Costas had been there to describe the whole maneuver.

Good news, readers: it was only number one. And I Clorox-wiped the affected drumstick and area, including Milo.

Am hoping days two and three of Christmas break go better. Oh, and I love you, Trina.