Tell Me the Story of Your Life, Part 2

I love the moment, in passing or somewhere in the interview portion of the evening or even in a movie, where I discover something truly surprising about someone. You don't know me: you think I am a ______, but really I am belt in judo! Accomplished belly dancer! Mountaineer! Cellist! These moments can be the stuff of spy fiction, but they happen in real life too. Like when my friend Pie, someone I like to think I know quite well, totally moved and surprised me with her cello choir concert on Saturday. I knew she was rediscovering the cello, taking lessons, practicing with the choir. I'd even heard her play some on her own and with the burgeoning family band (longer, later post here). But I didn't really understand her secret cello identity until I heard her play with the cello choir. It was as surprising as if she'd given a speech in Farsi onstage. It was stunningly good, all those strings together, Pie a part of them.

So. Please, stun me, tell me more about your surprising self because it wakes up my capacity to live bigger, to show up to my life in more ways. Even if I am a little tone deaf.