Graduation Day

WARNING: CORNY Today was my last day at T3, the place I've worked for 12 years and 267 days. T3 has been as much a part of the "Kate brand," as my boss Jay would say, as any other aspect of my adult identity. T3 was the setting of many of the major events of my life: two of the bricks Jason sent me during his elaborate proposal were delivered there. When I went into labor with Lucy, I stopped by the office before we went to the hospital (still had some stuff to wrap up, naturally). As infants, both Lucy and Milo were raised by the village that is T3. It has given me so many amazing friends. Oh, and I learned to do advertising along the way. I grew up there.

And yet, as grown up as we think we are, we keep growing still. So I have graduated — to a new life of freelancing. I am stepping into it with all the excitement (and fear) that any new graduate has, both feet moving forward, but allowing myself a few wistful, grateful glances over my shoulder at where I've been.