'Tis the Reasoning for the Season

One day last week when Jason picked Lu up from Crenshaw's, Miss Carol noted that Lucy told her we celebrated both Christmas and Hanukkah, which we, uh, don't.

Then we were reading this cute book called "Three French Hens," in which the three kosher chickens don't celebrate Christmas. She said, "Kosher means Jewish?" And I explained as best I could about kosher dietary rules that some Jewish people follow.

She then asked if we are Jewish. I said no, we are Christian. "What's the difference?" she wants to know. I explain that Jews and Christians have a lot in common, etc., etc., but that we believe Jesus was the son of God, etc., etc. I clearly need to be taking this child to Sunday school.

And then: "How do you get Jewish?" "You mean, how do you become Jewish?" "Yes." "Well, you can convert, by deciding to become Jewish, or you can be born that way."

Then she really stumped me. "But you don't believe ANYTHING when you're born, so how can you be anything?!" Rather than go into any detail about ethnicity vs. cultural identity vs. religious affiliation, I explain feebly, "Well, when you're born, your parents try to raise you to believe what they believe."

She thinks on this for a moment and says, "I'm ready for bed now." Thank God.