The Power of Positive Thinking

So when I went to the doctor yesterday to find out I was only at a 2.5, "disappointed" was an understatement. I was so "disappointed" that I left the doctor's office in huff, and had to delay writing anything about the fact that I am still pregnant because I had nothing to write other than cuss words.

Today, I decided to change my outlook. Instead of being mad about waiting (mad at Jason, my doctor, Lemon, myself, passers-by), I have decided to stop waiting for Lemon to be born. I am thinking of these last few days of pregnancy as borrowed time. Time where I can sit quietly by myself and listen to NPR. Get my car washed. Read a book. Go for a walk.

And boy, it's good thing I changed my outlook, because when I was on that walk, I fell down and TWISTED MY ANKLE. Without that better attitude, being laid up in bed with an even puffier left ankle and foot would REALLY SUCK.

But I do thank those kind folks at the bus stop who saw me fall down and did absolutely nothing to help me. You have given me someone I can really be mad at.