In Case You're Why I Keep Referring to Myself as "Mama"

As in "Mama needs a cheeseburger" or "Damn, Mama's tired." It's because I am going to be a mama. Again.

Yes, it's true. At the end of August, there will be a new person living at our house. We are all excited, mostly Lucy. We told her Saturday before last and she kept wanting to see my belly, which she insisted was getting bigger (see cheeseburgers, above). Later that day, I was in the shower and she stuck her head in the bathroom to ask in a very grave voice, "Mom, how's the baby?" I replied, "Fine..." "Good," she said and shut the door.

When you next see her and she shares our news, please act surprised. She will likely say, "I have something VERY exciting to tell you! There's a baby in my mom's belly and it's just starting to grow in!" Just starting to grow new grass or a bad haircut.