Got Lemonade?

The other night Lucy informed Baga and Jason's Aunt Chris that she was planning to open a lemonade stand so she could save money for her trip to Disney World, where she is going when she is five (even though I told her we wouldn't go until she is six, and was hoping she'd forgotten. I should know better: remember gum?) She told them not to tell her mom or dad about the plan because it was a secret.

What she doesn't yet realize is that she will sell a hell of a lot more lemonade if she enlists the help of her parents, who work in advertising: we will do a lemonade brand campaign, complete with lemonade print and online ads, as well as a lemonade Facebook page. We will not have budget for lemonade TV, but we should at least be able to do a couple of lemonade viral videos.

Awareness of lemonade will go up, as well as intent to purchase lemonade, with an eventual increase in lemonade sales.