The Decline of Duck?

Last night, as Nini and I were putting Lucy to bed, Lucy declared that Duck would be sleeping next to her bed and she'd be sleeping with some random doll instead. Nini and I are both like "Who the hell is that doll? How can you do this to Duck?" It was the very last of her babyhood, cast aside in a ratty heap beside her bed.

At 10:15, when she was STILL AWAKE, we realized that she had decided not to sleep with Duck so she wouldn't suck her thumb, so she wouldn't suck off the hot pink nail polish Baga had applied earlier in the day. After much reassurance, she went to sleep with Duck in hand and thumb in mouth.

This morning, she said she didn't want to take Duck to school, but I put him in her backpack anyway. The day will come, but it's not today.