Wimberley, Part 2

After we left camp on Saturday, we headed over to the Cleaves' Cypress Creek compound. I hadn't been there in probably 20 years, though as a child I spent a good amount of time there with Peggy (my mom's first cousin), Ted (my mom's second cousin, whose family owns all the glorious land and houses around Cypress Creek), David, Kim and Tad (their children, my second cousins). Peggy always took an interest in me, an only child, and often invited me to visit them in Wimberley, Corpus and Colorado so I'd get a taste of big family life.

Lu got a taste of that same family life hanging out with her third cousins Willow, Jack and Nathan Saturday and Sunday. They ran around like wild things, swimming, jumping, hiking and hollering. Saturday night, David set up the movie screen on the porch and we watched "Swiss Family Robinson," until Lu got too scared and we had to watch "Mary Poppins" instead.

I especially loved seeing Lu with Kim's daughter Willow, who is five. Peggy and my mom were best friends as little girls, so it's sweet to see their granddaughters as friends and cousins two generations later. Peggy says, "It's good for children to feel like they are part of a tribe." Indeed.