Things She Is Not Allowed to Do With Us

We are in New York having a great time. We have eaten, walked, eaten, and walked some more. Oh yes, and also shopping. And a show. And we went to the US Open to watch Ben and MEW's friend Paul play. He lost (to a one-time #4-ranked French dude), but it was thrilling to be rooting for someone we knew. Jason was thrilled at the possibility of bumping into Maria Sharapova.

Nini stayed with Lucy this weekend, and when I called this morning before they left for school, Lucy reported that they'd been watching Cinderella. In fact, that's ALL she said. She rolled over on Nini, then handed her the phone. I won't go off on an anti-Disney tirade, but Nini knows how I feel about it, and as long as she TAKES IT HOME WITH HER and MAKES IT VERY CLEAR that the whole Disney movie thing is SOMETHING SHE ONLY DOES WITH NINI, we're okay.

Granny will be handling the next two days, so she picked Lucy up from school. I just talked Lucy, and she said, "Mom, I'm using scissors to cut things in your old room." Then she hands the phone to Granny, presumably to keep cutting. I had known Granny was buying some rounded scissors, but am now realizing that it might be a good thing that she hasn't been using scissors, round or otherwise. A healthy fear of scissors is probably the main reason she has a semi-normal, not self-administered hairstyle.

I guess that's what we get when we leave town and rely on the help of family members (which we very much appreciate). But someone should warn Lucy that the prince won't fall in love with her if she gives herself an ugly haircut.