Happy Talk

She has been in the perfect mood for the past couple of days. Constant talking, questions and narration. She is either asking me to explain the world to her, or she is explaining it to me.

She is suddenly so much more nuanced in her understanding. Today I was chasing her and tickling her, and she was saying, "No, Mom, don't tickle me." And when I stopped she said, "Don't tickle me, Mom(implied question mark)...When I say it like that it means I do want you to tickle me."

She remains obsessed with gum. I made the mistake of telling her she could have gum when she is four. Yesterday, the dogs got into an ancient stash of bubble gum (leftover Halloween gum Abby brought to our house in 2005, I think). When we discovered it, Lucy ran around picking up the unchewed gum. "Gum is not for dogs. Or for babies. Or for when you're three. It's for when you're four. Or five. Or a grown-up." I am currently saving several pieces for her, and she insists that they stay on display in the kitchen window, presumably for the entire seven months that remain until she can chew them.