Um, Condi?

Not trying to get all "Fatal Attraction" on you. I'm just freaked out, you know? It's my vacation. I'm a voter. I need a vacation. Of course, I didn't vote for you, or anyone in your administration or general vicinity. Except Colin. You know you miss him. I do, too.

There's nothing you can do. I mean, I don't want to be all show-offy, like "my best friend is the secretary of state." Because you don't know me (except through our correspondence, which has meant SO MUCH to me).

I am having some kind of free speech epiphany here. I almost deleted this whole post about OUR FRIENDSHIP because it occurred to me to be afraid that my concerns about my much-needed Mexican vacation, as expressed to you, the Secretary of State, would be held against me in my passport renewal process. I hope that is not true. I have not had enough sleep. But things are going great, Neocons. We're good. All good. Go peace. Go passport.

Barbara K. Donaho