Why is Tonight Different from All Other Nights?

Well, it could be those funny hats the boys are wearing. Or the crackers. Or the actual printed program you need to keep up with dinner. This Saturday, we attended our first Passover Seder, hosted by the Weitzes.

A seder is really two meals: 1) a symbolic meal of small dishes that represent Jewish history, along with prayers and stories and 2) a big old lavish Jewish feast of salty, fluffy matzoh ball soup and brisket that tasted as good as dessert (both prepared by Megan, a gifted shiksa chef), and a sweet noodle pudding that Lauren says is a side dish, but also tastes like dessert. I guess where there is no leavening, you have license to eat dessert as dinner. Oh, and then there was dessert. It was obscene (in a good way). Just writing about it makes me glad I am wearing elastic-waist pants.

Speaking of leavening, the highlight of Lu's evening was a seder gift from Andy and Megan: "Arnie the Doughnut."

It was a perfect time. We came, we ate, we drank, we learned. Some of us were not entirely crazy about matzah:

Photo credit goes to Lauren, who was named the Super Jew among us. For an Ashkenazic perspective, visit her blog and see more photos.