The Interview

Today we took Lu to the Children's School, the fancy new Montessori school where we had, um, assumed she was accepted for July. But today we brought her to the school, and some nice lady named Mrs. Geiger chatted with her briefly before leading her BY THE HAND AWAY FROM US. And SHE WENT. To the classroom, where she talked with the kids and did some Montessori work and spelled (and signed) her name and counted and...shared "a lot of information." Mrs. Geiger brought Lu back from the interview and told us she was impressed. As she recounted the events of the 15 minutes Lucy was out of our possession, she remarked again that Lu had "a lot of information to share."

I am only a little scared of the information she may have shared. I am assuming Mrs. Geiger meant that she was very verbal, that she just generally had a lot to say. Not that she shared specific "information," such as:
• I only take baths every other night.
• My mom says words I don't understand. Like "shit" and some other ones.
• I have not eaten any fruits or vegetables since Thursday.
• I just tooted. Can you smell it? Gross.

Anyway, I got a super good vibe from the teacher, the place, Lu. I just hope we weren't exposed.