Love is...a Whole Wheat Pancake

I asked Lu's teacher if I could bring anything special for their Valentine's Day snack and she said to bring something healthy, instead of something sweet, and "not muffins, because they don't like them, they just smash them up." (Note: last week, I brought healthy muffins Lu and I made together.)

Last night, I spent a couple of hours making whole wheat blueberry pancakes, sweetened with honey, made in the shape of HEARTS, enriched with wheat germ and LOVE. I brought them to her classroom and set them on the table with all the other snacks: a ****ing chocolate cake, muffins and cookies. What chance does a whole wheat pancake stand against such sexy snacks?

Next time, for a special treat, I am bringing candy laced with cocaine. I bet they won't be smashing that s**t up.