An Offer I Couldn't Refuse

I have been in Chicago since Tuesday night at the Retail Advertising Conference, shut in this giant Hilton with a bunch of people who kind of scare me. Sort of like "The Shining," only with advertising people instead of ghosts. It is so cold here that last night, there was frost on the inside (yes, inside) of the windows of our cab.

I am really missing Lucy. Tuesday morning, I was packing, getting the house ready for the carpet guys and generally doing the manic thing I do before I go out of town ("Where are the tights I bought?" "Are they in your suitcase?" "NO, they were right here." After 15 minutes of frantic searching, I find them. In my suitcase.)

As I ran around, she and Jason were in bed watching Sesame Street. She said, "Mom, come snuggle in bed with us." I really did not have time. I was missing a shoe. The carpet guys would be there any minute. I had two of Seth Godin's books to read before 4:15 the next day.

I got in bed with them anyway.