Hair Club for Toddlers

We're making some progress in the hair department. Not much, but we have definitely moved beyond what you would call bald. [Those of you who haven't seen Lu lately, I promise to put pictures up soon.] In fact, people keep marvelling at her hair. Much the way you would if some bald guy starting growing hair. You have low expectations and are pleasantly surprised.

She now has enough hair for pigtails, of sorts. More like two sparse sprigs in rubberbands, slightly to the sides of her head. Like little horns, which is fitting. It is a funny-looking hairstyle, but people seem to like it. I am convinced that they compliment it because not to comment on something so obviously attention-seeking is, well, insulting. Like when you have on a really interesting vintage blouse that you think is SO CUTE, but is apparently so loud that you can't hear any of the compliments people might be giving you on it. Perhaps because they are not...saying...anything. Because your shirt is ugly and they don't want to tell you.

I fix her hair in this daring style and tell her how pretty she looks because it makes me feel better. I am fixated on her (lack of) hair. And also pretty certain I manifested this hair situation by saying once, "I sure hope our baby isn't one of those kids who has all their teeth and no hair. That's so weird-looking." So God struck Lu...bald.