Most Depressing Movie Ever

"Ever" seems like a strong word. But of the movies that is about ordinary life — if your version of ordinary life is a small college town where you're so smart and bored that your only entertainment is spouse-swapping — this one is up there. And I have now seen it twice. Saw it the first time in the theater ALONE because it was arty and likened in reviews to Raymond Carver, one of my favorite writers. But I liked Raymond Carver at a moment in my life where bleak scenes of suffering and ennui were poetic to me. Nowadays...well, I am neither suffering nor bored, but still, I get it a little more.

And I don't need to see a movie about the worst-case scenario of my upper middle class life. Especially not twice (thanks to a combination of prime time, the World Series and HBO). It was one of those movies where I felt compelled to say to Jason, again, as I do after many movies about poor decision-making: "Let's just agree not to [sleep with our best friends, smoke crack, gamble away all our money, etc.]

The movie is called "We Don't Live Here Anymore." Except that we do live here, and we won't be doing any of the stuff you'll see in that movie.

P.S. Jason reminds me that this blog is about Lu. All I can say is that Lu will thank us one day when we don't end up like the people in this movie. So it IS about her. So there.