Live on Stage...

It's worse than teaching your dog to fetch or play basketball. Lucy knows tricks. We pass them off as signs of intelligence. But really, they are just her parents' tricks and Lucy is our happy little seal.

Daddy: "Lucy, what noise does a dog make?"
Lucy: "whooo hooo hooo hooo hoooo!"

Daddy: "Lucy, blow a kiss!"
Lucy: "mmmmmwahhhh." Then she blows a kiss.

And the hit parade goes on. Granted, we are just underscoring behavior she picks up from us every day (that's a scary topic for later - here's hoping she doesn't fart and point at the TV like her dad). But, she seems more and more like a person every day — even if she is just playing to our cues.

For the first time, I'm starting to feel the emotional responsibility of being a parent. She's going to watch us to see how to act. Helpful for getting her to root for the right sports franchises, but scary for getting her to interact with other people.

For now, I'm happy with the Arsenio Hall tribute everytime we ask Lucy about the dogs. With a little luck and the right mixture of TV shows, she'll be a nice person.