Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

So I'm running around with this fairly miserable toddler at the grocery store today, and I think, "Wouldn't this be so much easier if she weren't here?" We have had a rough couple of days.

The real highlight of the weekend was her foul mood at Ben and Mary Ellen's. She threw a series of fitlets, and shaking her head "no" a lot — an emerging trend I expect to enjoy. Not. Ben and Mary Ellen were their usual good sports, demurring as Lucy pawed every pristine surface in their house. They laughed, but they will be finding chocolate cupcake smeared in unexpected places for a long time. Kristen and Steve, with a four-month-old Clay who cooed and smiled quietly the entire time, seemed amused and, ahem, interested in preparing for the future. Marc and Lauren, who have been around their fair share of toddlers, were entertained. But I am pretty sure I overheard Lauren refilling her birth control prescription on the phone in the guest bedroom.

I'm kidding about most of that. Lu really is not that bad. Yes, I admit, it was almost entirely our fault, because she'd been denied a full morning nap due to brunch plans and had no afternoon nap because of the barbecue. But we're trying to live. To be social animals, out in the world. With our grouchy, messy baby. Ready to invite us over? Mind if we put a really crappy diaper in your trash can and leave tiny, oily paw prints on your windows? We'll be right there.

So yeah, life would be easier if she weren't here. And life would be...less. Despite that fact that she is a tremendous inconvenience for someone who still doesn't weigh 22 pounds, she's pretty much worth it. She sleeps as I write this, so I like her more (see "Night Night," two entries ago). She is funny. She likes to dance. She gives hugs. She'll even kiss you if she's in the mood.

Tomorrow at work, one of my co-workers is bringing a baby goat to work (long story). I have always loved baby goats — maybe more than baby humans. A herd of baby goats followed me down the street once. I felt like Snow White. For Lu's sake, I really hope tomorrow's baby goat is not that great. The bad news for me is that no one raises toddlers for 4H.