The Kids Went Back, the Sun Went Black

Lucy started eighth grade today. She planned her outfit, which after much thought, was effortless and cool. She was upbeat on her way out, fairly cheery when she got to the office. She talked a little more than she has lately, but she still rolled her eyes because I AM THE WORST.

Milo started second grade today. At first, he resisted physically, as in a stiff-bodied "I AM NOT GETTING OUT OF THIS BED." We subdued him with bacon. He wore his skateboard shirt. Later, when asked how he'd rate the day on a scale of one to ten, he said "8000!"

The moon stood between the earth and the sun today. We communed in crescents with strangers on the sidewalk and resisted the risk of blindness. The next time that happens, these children will be 20 and 14. These orbits are magical and relentless.