Developmental Delay?

After a couple of rough weeks in the new three-year-old classroom (Milo was coming home exhausted, grouchy and slightly violent), we decided to move Milo back to the two-year-old classroom. We'd been concerned that he'd be bored, way ahead of the younger two-year-old set developmentally. Hardly. Not only is he not fully potty-trained like most of these younger kids, many of them know shapes and colors, the dates of their birthdays. Milo knows none of those things. What he does know, as we discovered this morning, is how to swear. Milo, after falling out of his chair at breakfast: "DAMMIT!"

Jason: "Milo, don't say that word. That's not a nice word, and it's only for grown-ups."

Milo: "I cannot say 'dammit'?"

Jason: "No, Milo, don't say that?"

Milo: "Can I say 'poo-poo-head'?"

Jason: "Don't say that either."

We couldn't be more proud.