I was on a work call when I pulled up in the driveway tonight (late. sigh). Lu was riding her scooter, circling near my car and making a funny face every time she got near my window. When she signaled me to roll down the window, she was polite and experienced enough to stage whisper, "MOM, WHY ARE YOU STILL SITTING HERE ON THE PHONE?" And I said, "Go ride some more, kid. I am enjoying watching you, and I'm almost done."

She rode manic circles, still waving with every round. And after two minutes, I got out of the car and paced around the driveway as she rode, still on the phone. During one pass, she intercepted a shred of conversation: the word "hash." As in "hashtag," as in Twitter strategy, as in let's talk social media, as in my job — and she said "HASHBROWN??!!!" and started cracking up and rode her bike around saying "hashbrownhashbrownhashbrown." At which point I had to get off the phone because everything I was talking about was instantly less interesting than breakfast potatoes.