Christmas Break(down)

We had a lovely break filled with family and friends and fattening food. Really, we did. And not to dismiss the cheer and gratitude, which we had a lot of, we also had 15 days of togetherness, with alternately too much and too little activity. We were about ready to kill each other yesterday. So I was thrilled to send Lucy off to school. I was less than thrilled when she walked back in the door 15 minutes later: SCHOOL DID NOT START UNTIL TODAY. Leaving us with another day to occupy her very busy brain, which we were able to do with Honour's help. Milo, mercifully, did have school, but when Lu and I picked him up, he was worn out from the re-entry to his normal routine.

I took them both to the Gap (mistake — my apologies to the people trying to buy cheap sweaters in peace), then to Central Market, where Milo gave me a big wet raspberry and smacked my forehead, earning a timeout in the pasta aisle (apologies to those people as well). Lucy's real shenanigans didn't start until we got home, when she and Jason fought over whether she should clean her room or watch a movie on the iPad. She "ran away" (to the backyard), leaving this note:

They're both at school today. With the professionals. Where they belong.