When You Ignore Your Children

For much of the day, Milo pushed a baby ("My baby!") around in a shopping cart ("I go byebye with baby, k?"), while wearing sunglasses and a beaded necklace. Ultimately, he decided baby needed one of the dee-luxe shopping carts with a front-facing seat/car, so he put a small chair in front of the shopping cart to push around. Oh, and for most of this, he had a giant eraser of Lucy's tucked between his chin and shoulder: his phone, which he was using to talk to Honour and Granny. Meanwhile, Lucy took her dolls, Kit and Ruby, on vacation on a plane, with many trunks and bags. As best I could tell by listening in, they were accompanied and bossed around by someone with an English accent (governess?), who kept saying imperiously that certain things "wouldn't do."

Oh, and when I pulled up in the driveway, she was putting on some kind of musical that involved choreography and an umbrella.