Oh, Hello.

Forgive the embarrassing delay since my last post. I know all seven of you have been checking this blog hourly for news of our recent adventures. Will write in more detail, but recent highlights include:

A trip to Portland for Kate. Rain, productive work stuff, drizzle, fun exploration of a new city, mist, amazing meals, great hosting by a dear friend and his family, more rain. Oh, and the sun came out once and everyone stopped what they were doing to look toward the windows, like an alien ship had landed. I loved Portland, but I may have gotten seasonal affective disorder over a long weekend.

Some new teeth for Milo. Remember my sweet, docile, grinning boy? Good. Keep that nostalgic picture of him when he's biting your face and throwing his cup on the ground in a rage. I really hope it's those molars. Otherwise he's headed for prison.

Haircuts for Milo and Lu. They may have actually received the same hipster bob at Bird's Barbershop. Pretty dang cute.

A trip to NYC for Kate and Jason. Despite the blizzard, I made it up for some business meetings that went very well (thanks in part to us all being in stockinged feet in our client's living room during a snow day?), and Jason was able to join me. We ate and drank our way through 29th Street and below, walked it off in the snow, held hands, marveled at the city and generally remembered what it's like to have a marriage instead of just the small business that is our family. Oh, but then we missed them, so we came home.