Milostones: 15 months

After Lu's piano lesson Saturday, we went to Upper Crust Bakery. On the way in, Milo made some friends through the window and spent a full minute engaging them in a little game called "I Am Cute This Way? How Bout This Way?" which involves him cocking his head and smiling. As we were eating, the window people came up to tell us how delightful he was. And he is. He is one of the most charming people I know. Except for the following developments:

1) Knows how to take the lid off a marker. We learned this by discovering him with orange marker all over his mouth a la The Joker. Really makes life complicated with a 6-year-old artist who WILL  NOT BE STIFLED.

2) Chooses violence. The kid is a lover and a fighter, choosing to splash/bang/hit/bonk whenever he can. He hurls his sippy cup to the ground for the joy of seeing it splat. His hug is more head-butt than actual hug.

3) Throws fits. Hurls himself dramatically, face forward, to the ground when you take, say, a Sharpie away from him.

Ah, Milo, I miss your docility. But I love you anyway.