Cautionary Tales

Yesterday, Lu asked me what grade Trina taught, and I said, "Trina takes care of preschoolers and babies like Milo. What do you mean?" "Well, she works at a high school. Why are there babies at a high school?"

Why, indeed. As she asked this question, I was washing dishes and she was coloring, so I had some buffer time to formulate a response.

"Because sometimes the students have babies and they need someone to help take care of them while they're at school."

So. Many. Things. To. Say. About choices. About opportunity. About responsibility.  About promise. About maybe getting her on the Pill when she is six just to be safe.

But I got some great advice from my brilliant friend Steve, whose kids are now in/graduated from college and have not fathered any children that we know of: "Parenting is like being on the witness stand. Only answer the very question you are being asked. Kids are smart about asking for the information they need, when they need it."

My answer hung in the air for a few (dare I say it ) pregnant moments. Then she said, "Oh."