Think and Grow Rich

Coming off the recent success of the lemonade stand, where her cut was a cool $10, Lu has been money hungry. She has regular chores where she can earn $2 per week, with some upside for additional work. Add that to the steady income stream of lost teeth and grandparent windfalls, and she's got a reasonable cash flow. But, like any good entrepreneur, Lu knows that the real money comes from opportunities you make for yourself. Last night, she demanded a quarter from each of us at dinner to view her dance performance. Jason protested, saying he had no change. Lucy pressed us, "Mom or Nini, you have to pay two quarters each because Dad can't pay his." We payed, but there was no performance. And last week, I found her fishing in the dryer for money.

Where is the line between grifter and entrepreneur? Somewhere between rich and jail, I guess.