Milo started daycare...I mean, uh, "school" on Monday. And guess what? I did not die. I did not cry. He did not cry.

This is clearly the right arrangement. He gets to spend every afternoon in the company of some nice people whose job it is to pay attention to him. We're doing a little juggling in the mornings, Jason, my mom and I, but so far so good.

They LOVE Milo at school. It is a sweet little church daycare with just a few babies, and I've spent a lot of time getting to know the place because Laney and Solly both go there. Every time I've come to get Milo they are holding him or playing with him and he is...happy. The only sad thing about the place is one baby, who's a little older than Milo and started school not long before Milo did, who always seems to be crying. The kid is having a hard time adjusting, but I am comforted by how hard the teachers are working to cheer him up (and also the fact that Milo is NOT crying all the time).

The stress of trying to do it all — all at the same time — has been lifted. I don't think I realized what a toll it was taking, but I am much better now.