Sorry for the radio silence from Lucyandmiloland. We are good. These past couple weeks, our life has been a Jenga game outside on windy day. We haven't blown over yet.

Milo news:
Milo discovered the existence of his feet last week. He can get the left one in his mouth. This week, he realized his hands are attached to his body. He'll hold one hand out in front of him and gaze at it, kind of horrified, the way you would if you'd grown a third one. He can roll over, but sometimes gets too upset to roll himself back. There's a particular squeal that means turtle boy needs a flip. Oh, and spit-bubble-blowing. Little animal is a font of spit.

Lucy news:
Lucy is awesome. On Sunday, I took her on a Girl Scout outing to the family dance workshop at Ballet Austin. When the woman with the microphone asked an auditorium full of people if they had any questions, Lucy raised her hand and got called on TWICE, spoke clearly and asked very incisive questions. I would have needed a beta blocker to come off so cool.

This morning, she came and got in bed between me and Jason and said, "If Milo were in here, we'd have a family sandwich."

Oh, and her favorite vegetable? BRUSSELS SPROUTS. You heard me.

Sigh. Life is hard, but it is good.