The Big Sister

Lucy is handling the Major Life Change reasonably well (minus some tantrums that are more likely related to the exhaustion of kindergarten). She seems to like Milo well enough and has lots of affection for him. I think she would have preferred a puppy or kitten, but if that’s true, she’s not saying it out loud.

I think Lu’s big sister transition has actually been harder for me. I miss her desperately, and feel like I haven’t spent a focused moment with her in the time since Milo came (can that only be five days?). She seems so huge and grown-up next to the Little Animal that I am mourning her babyhood all over again.

But to see her hold him…it’s the sweetest thing ever. We will have to remind them of these moments when Milo has set Lu’s Barbies on fire.

p.s. We need a new name for this blog. Suggestions? The only one I can think of in my current mindset is Planet Poo, but we will outgrow that too quickly. I hope.