Healthy Lunch

Lucy used to be a good eater: all manner of vegetables, fetid cheeses, even paté (which we told her was "meat butter"). Now, with the exception of broccoli and salad, she's the normal of 5-year-old carbivore. Not unusually picky, just not the kind of eater I'd like to be raising. Still, we try to pack her a semi-healthy lunch every day.

I ate lunch with her in her classroom on Friday (have been trying to have more special Lu time before the Major Life Change, and before "real kindergarten" starts in a couple of weeks and such things are not allowed). Lu and I sat at a table with two other little girls. Other Little Girl A ate nothing — not one bite of her cute whole-wheat bagel pizzas and carrots — packed in a tiffin, no less. Other Little Girl B ate her whole lunch, composed entirely of the Corn Syrup and White Flour portion of the food pyramid. The sight of this kid's lunch gave me a hypoglycemic hot flash.

As Lu happily ate her take-out burrito and fruit, I vowed not to beat myself up so much about what she does and doesn't eat.